Best Tyvek bags

Best Tyvek bags


What is Tyvek

Tyvek® is a synthetic material, more specifically highly-dense polyethylene fibers, created by the Dupont in 1955. What makes the Tyvek® material so unique is the combination of its ability to be both lightweight and strong. Then do you imagine what items can be made by Tyvek? such as car covers, medical packaging, protective apparel? Yes, you are right. But not only these simple items, it can be applied for fashion bags, Benma’s designers created a collection of Tyvek bags, then I like to show you our best Tyvek Bags as following:

Cosmetic Bag Sets

Our Medium Zipper Packs are Lightweight, Splash-Resistant and Recyclable! Accented with Metallic Silver Stars. Featuring a Splash Resistant Zipper and Custom Hi Love Travel Silver Metal Pull Tab.

Purposed for:

Toiletries + Wet Bathing Suits + Sweaty Gym Clothes + Electronic Chargers + Children's Small Toys + Packaged Snacks + Office Supplies and to Contain All of Life's Little Necessities!

Fashionable Purpose: Fold your pack over and use it as a clutch for day or night.

- 11"L x 2"W x 9"H

Our Mini Zipper Packs are Lightweight, Splash Resistant and Recyclable! This Unpadded Mini Pack is Accented with a Metallic Silver Star, Splash Resistant Zipper and Custom Hi Love Travel Silver Metal Pull Tab.

Purposed for:

Makeup + Credit Cards and Cash + Keys + Life's Mini Necessities!

Makeup Case

Our Makeup Carrier is Lightweight, Splash Resistant and Recyclable. Accented with an Inside Zipper Pocket. If you like to see ALL your make-up and toiletries at a quick glance then this carrier was made for you!

Purposed for:

Toiletries + Makeup + Stylish Lunch Pack + Jewelry Carrier 

8.5"L x 5.5"H

Crossbody Puffer Purse

It's a Crossbody Purse, a fold over Clutch and an IPAD case all in one! Done!
Use as a Crossbody Purse for the day; As a fold over Clutch for the night; or as padded protection for your IPAD on the go. Accented with a removable strap, magnetic closure when folded over and an outside zipper pocket for easy cell phone access. Yes, it has an inside zipper pocket too. Featuring a splash friendly Hi Love Travel custom zipper.
Purposed for:
+ Crossbody Purse + Foldover Clutch + Padded tablet Case
11.5"L x 2.5"D x 8.5"H

Fanny Pack

Our Invisible Pack is Lightweight, Splash Resistant and Recyclable! Accented with credit cards slots and a black elastic waistband. An exterior rubber tab which allows you to feed your headphones through from your stowed cell phone.   II version is a little larger than our original and it fits the larger androids and iphones.

Purposed for:

Cell Phone + Credit Cards + Keys + Cash + Passport + any other small valuables you would want close by on the go!

8"L x 4.5"H

Duffel Weekender Bag

Our Weekenders are Lightweight, Splash Resistant and great for a local weekend away or as a carry on for your next airplane adventure.  Accented with Gunmetal Finishes, Leatherette Detail and an Adjustable Messenger Strap.

(not recommended as checked luggage)

- 18"L x 16"H x 9"D

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