A Fanny Pack Is the Perfect Travel Accessory

A Fanny Pack Is the Perfect Travel Accessory


The fanny pack goes in and out of fashion regularly. A staple of the 80s and 90s, the fanny pack, came back with a vengeance on this season’s runways. While some consider it a relic of the past, others treat it like the ultimate functional and trendy fashion accessory. It even changed its name, lately. Now known as a “waist bag” or a “belt bag,” the fanny pack is more than just a throwback to the past.

Coming in a wide range of models and colors, fanny packs for men and fanny packs for women account now for nearly a quarter of all U.S. accessories’ sales. Present on fashion shows.  this comfortable bag is all the rage. Again.

So let’s see today why the fanny pack is the perfect travel companion and why you should get one right now!

1. Not too big, not too small… perfect

This year is a strange one, and many people postponed their holiday plans. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t travel or move around.

· The fanny pack can now hold not only your wallet and phone but that small bottle of disinfectant that became a universal

“out of the house” companion, a spare face mask, a pair of gloves perhaps, papers, etc.

You might wonder why you would choose the new three pocketed fanny pack to travel on short distances or during your touristic activities instead of a large backpack. The answer is simple: style mixed with functionality. You don’t need to carry the entire house on your back just to visit your parents across town.

2. It is the perfect sightseeing partner

Going on a city-break is something we all look forward to this year. But, by definition, city breaks are short trips dedicated mostly to sightseeing. Sure, you pack a backpack or a duffle bag for two-three nights, but where are you going to keep your minimum-required items while you use your hands to snap pictures and enjoy the local street food?

In a trendy fanny pack, of course! As advice, keep the fanny pack in front of you at waist level at all times, pickpockets are everywhere.

· Other than that, a fanny pack for a day or two of tourism is the perfect travel accessory for summer and winter getaways

· Pack your ID, phone, power bank, tickets, local transportation travel cards, sunglasses, masks, lip balm, and sunscreen and visit those museums you always wanted to see!

3. It is a versatile accessory for the sporty types

As we said, the fanny pack is an essential element of the athleisure style. But some waist bags took functionality a step forward. For instance, a sports dual outdoor travel fanny waist pack is a perfect solution when you want more storage when hiking, running, walking, etc.

· The zippered pouch with an insulated bottle holder ensures you stay hydrated no matter how many hours you spend hiking

or sightseeing.

· Such fanny packs are some of the best accessories when you want to move light and freely for a full day outside, in nature,

or a big city you are visiting.

As long as you have comfortable walking shoes on, the fanny pack will provide you with anything you need, from refreshing water to snacks. Such models are large enough to carry the souvenirs you buy for your friends and family back home.

4. It adapts to all your family’s travel needs

Do you want a heavy-duty waist pack with two insulated bottle holders for your family for a short trip to another city or a welcomed weekend getaway in nature? No problem!

· Dad can comfortably wear a utility waist bag with multiple, adjustable compression straps, and pull zippers to easily hand

out water, snacks, tickets, hand disinfectant, and IDs to all the family members.

Such highly-utility fanny packs work great for a family day in an amusement park, a hiking day in a gorgeous landscape, or a

city break to another city.

5. It helps you travel light by unconventional urban means of transport

Do you want to know which the perfect compact, small but fitting, lightweight, and practical accessory when you travel by bike, an electric scooter, a Vespa, a skateboard, or a pair of roller skates is? The fanny pack, naturally.

· By keeping it in front of you at all times, you have direct and easy access to your belongings even if you have to use only

one hand.

Since bicycles, scooters, and even skates are all the rage right now as eco-friendly means of urban transportation, bringing a fanny pack to the party is the best alternative to traveling light and fast.

Moreover, if you are supporting the global trend of using alternative transport to roam the city without adding to the environmental footprint, why don’t you take things a step further and get an eco-friendly fanny pack too? We recommend you use an lightweight, water resistant Tyvek fanny pack to accompany that bike or scooter of yours!

Bottom Line

Do you consider the fanny pack a relic of the past, or are you embracing its revival, wearing it everywhere you go? Let us know in the comments sections what you think about fanny packs and whether you would wear one this year or not!

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